The Love Letter Spell

Beyond any doubt this one might appear to be missing in "conventional" magickal fixings like herbs or gems, but the imagery is fair as capable. This spell ought to be performed on a Friday night. Your supplies:

  • 1 Red marker
  • Favorite Scent
  • 1 envelope
  • 5 or 6 fresh red rose petals
  • 1 sheet of blank paper
  • Favorite red lipstick

Utilize the red marker to write down the qualities you're trying to find in a lover, being particular and practical. (Try not to use any names, because, alot of people share names).

Provide the paper a shower of your aroma, at that point fold it into the envelope.

Hold the rose petals in your hand, and picture yourself together with your perfect mate.

Put the petals into the envelope with the paper, and seal the envelope.

With a small lipstick on your lips, plant a enormous kiss on the exterior of the envelope.

Keep the envelope in a safe spot, and do not open it.

Once you've found your new lover, you can simply throw it away or burn it.

Just don't open it; or your your spell with become a curse.

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