Adore A Pelle Spell

A powerful way to connect another person to your spell is using a part of their mind, body, soul or spirit. Sometimes you even see this Foot Magic or Voodoo. 

This spell is used to bond two beings until the charm is destroyed. Your supplies for this ritual:

  • A ribbon or thick piece of yarn, preferably colored red
  • Red Apple (any discoloration may alter the spell)
  • Heavy amount of natural honey
  • Hair of both creatures
  1. Cut the apple sideways over the center, so you'll be able to see the star-shaped by the seeds. If this cut is not perfect, the spell may alter. 
  2. Spread honey on both inside pieces of the apple.
  3. Twist, braid or tie the hairs together
  4. Put the hairs between the two parts
  5. Firmly, tie the apple back together with the ribbon or yarn.
  6. Bury the apple either outside. Plant an apple tree and place this apple with the seeds for a longer effect. 

You'll find your desired lover start to show a strong interest in you almost immediately. Careful, don't get to close. 


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