Familiar Infinity

Sometimes our familiars need assistance that they cannot themselves provide. Sometimes, they may require another being to aid in their time of dire need. 

However, please do not refrain from taking your pet to the vet. This spell is an aid to the brown magic of the animal doctor. 

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 1 Orange Bead
  • 1 Small piece of a rose quartz crystal (Clear can help too)
  • 1 Small Brown Bag
  • and of course, your pet

These are additional items that can be used to help as well:

  • 1 Dose of Carnation, Pine or Sandalwood herb
  • 1 Brown or Green Candle
  • 1/2 Patch of natural honey
  1. Light the herbs to fill the room with the proper aroma recipe.
  2. Ignite the candles to assist with the energy level part
  3. Hold the familiar/pet with the energy of love
  4. Slowly, rub the problem area with the rose stone; Clockwise if northern part of the realm | Counter-Clockwise if southern
  5. Take some of the familiar's fur and tie it around the bead. If there is short fur, cut some of the fur, cover the bead in honey and then sprinkle the fur onto the honey
  6. Place the bead with fur and rose stone crystal into the small brown bag
  7. When the familiar begins to get well, remove the bead and stone from the bag and wash them with fresh spring water; or you can boil some tap water then cool it, then wash it. 
  8. If your familiar has no fur to cut, you may carve their name into the candle, draw a picture or draw a ritual circle and place them into the center. 

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