Catnip Love Charm

Spell pockets are extraordinary since they are pleasantly versatile and you'll keep them with you for included magick. In spite of the fact that this spell pack might make you a bit too well known with the cats. Your supplies for this free effective love spell:

  1. Small pink silk pouch
  2. 4 pink candles
  3. Fire-proof pot
  4. Something to write with and on
  5. Jasmine Herbs
  6. Catnip

On your sacrificial table, set the 4 candles at the cardinal heading focuses (north, south, east, and west) with the cauldron within the center. Put the catnip and jasmine within the cauldron. On the paper, compose out the things you need in an accomplice and in a relationship. Sign your name, then fold it.

Put the paper in the cauldron, and light it. The paper will burn, but the herbs likely won't so do not stress almost that. Whereas the paper burns, rehash the following:

"By the power of fire and words, show thee love"

Repeat until the paper is burned up

Stir the ashes with the herbs

Pour into the bag

Tie the bag closed shut and carry it

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