Divido Rasgado (Advanced)

This spell is dark magic for love and devotion. It combines black magic and Voodoo magic, aiming to break up another relationship. It doesn't particularly make either party fall into desire with you, but it does get them to part.

This place is for healing creatures only.

The purpose of the knowledge of this spell is to protect yourself from it and to be aware that another being is casting against you. You will need the following:

A bigger bone (like from a drumstick) will work well, fair let it dry out for a handful of weeks or it may not work.

Rub a small amount of oil on to either side of the bone.

Tie the red yarn to one side and the black yarn to the other. Do not tie the strings to each other, only to the bone.

Hold either side in each hand and recite:

"El descanso está roto, hechizo es hablado".

Say their names out uproarious 3 times

Snap the bone in half. In case the bone isn't dry sufficient, it'll just bend. It has got to snap cleanly for the spell to work.

In the event that it doesn't break, don't try again. Bury the bone and hold up until you have got a unused one for another try.

If the bone bends when dry, the couple has powerful magic protecting them.

In the event that it snaps, place the two pieces distant & absent from each other. Their relationship will begin to endure before long.

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