Doll of Náusea

Voodoo or Vudu magic has been around just as long as, if not longer than Wicca. A voodoo doll spell that can be utilized once you have a sickness to battle. You must have:

  • A modest amount of solid blue fabric
  • A few modest bunches of any sort of dried beans
  • 2 little white buttons
  • A piece of crinkled white paper
  1. Cut the fabric in 2 pieces so that are generally molded like a person.
  2. Sew it up just like the normal voodoo doll, but not completely, fair making beyond any doubt that the fastens are firm and tight since you will be filling the doll with beans instead of soft stuffing.
  3. Draw a cross on the paper and put it into the doll's body with the beans.
  4. Sew it up completely
  5. Affix the 2 white buttons where the eyes ought to be on a human being.
  6. Keep the doll beneath your bed until your sickness has gone.

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