Love Lit Candle Spell

What may well be more sentimental than a love spell with candles? They're not really lit for the primary portion of the spell, but you'll get to see that glinting fire when the time is right.

In spite of the fact that you may use this spell to draw in a specific individual, it works best in the event that you let the universe bring the proper individual to you. So maintain a strategic distance from utilizing any names or centering on any certain person. Get your supplies together:
  • Candle holders for each candle
  • Red cloth
  • Red chalk
  • 1 white candle
  • 1 candle in your favorite color

On the off chance that you do not as of now have an sacrificial table space in your domestic, you'll got to clear a space to set this up since it takes a few days for this love spell to work.

Hold the white candle in your hand and think around all the qualities you need in a lover. This candle is them.

Say them out uproarious whereas concentrating on the candle.

Take the other candle, and list the qualities simply will bring to this unused relationship. This candle is you.

Lay out the pink cloth, and set the candles in their holders on either side of the cloth (about 24 inches apart).

In the center of the cloth between the candles, draw a large heart in chalk. Every evening, focus on both candles and concentrate on the relationship you are looking for.

Then move the candles a little bit closer together.

Do this each evening, until the candles are together in the center of the heart. How many days it will take depends on how you space the candles, but it should last at least a week.

When both candles are side-by-side within the drawn heart, draw a second heart around the first one. Ask Aphrodite (or your preferred love Goddess) to grant you this request and finally light both candles.

Light them each evening at let them burn as long as you can until they are gone. 

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