Love Summon Spell (Advanced)

The theory behind this spell is the secret to accessing other realms. Usually, a hedge witch would do such magic. Proceed carefully, as accessing other realms can be very dangerous. 

For a very long time, mirrors, reflections, dreams, and even pictures release specific frequencies that travel between realms. This is why the mirror, at one point in time, was only accessible by the rich elites, same as salt. Whats the common ground between both mirrors and salt? They are both paranormal objects and can protect you. 

It is said that once you see a mirror, your reflection, is really just a window you see to another similar realm; the more clear the reflection, the more similar the realm is to yours. Pictures are different because they are still time images. 

These still time images are believed to be yourself from other realms, still similar but not you. Now, how does this tie in the spell? 

This spell is going to cross our realm with the realm of; not only the person you desire but the specific version of them that loves you. This can be dangerous because if your magic is not focused enough, you could spawn a different version of the person you are targeting. 

If you want the desire and over the affection of a person, the photographs you employ shouldn't have anybody else in them but for you and them.

For this spell, gather the following:

  • Photo of the other
  • Red candle
  • Photo of yourself
  • A list of positive things you and your target lover have done in their realm
  • Red pen or red marker
  1. On the back of the picture of them, write "My love for you & I"
  2. On the back of your photo, write "Your love until I die"
  3. Light the red candle
  4. Important; take the list and begin to make it exist, believe, chant it aloud if you will. Any sense of non-faith makes summon a different version of your lover. You get what you put into your magic. If you put in doubt, you get doubt; you put in pleasure, you get pleasure. For every action, there is a reaction. And for every price, there is a purchase. 
  5. Drip the red candle wax on the front sides of both photos and quickly stick them together.
  6. Now, give the object back to the universe, in the element that your lover is:
  • Fire  1 - Aries; 5 - Leo; 9 - Sagittarius
  • Earth 2 - Taurus; 6 - Virgo; 10 - Capricorn
  • Air 3 - Gemini; 7 - Libra; 11 - Aquarius
  • Water 4 - Cancer; 8 - Scorpio; 12 - Pisces

Fire - Burn with the red candle, outside, let aromas into the air

Earth - Plant into wet soil or burn it, plant ashes into normal soil

Air - Throw off a cliff, out of a high window or mountain

Water - Throw into a large body of water

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