Magnet Talisman Love Charm

Discover genuine normal lodestones, but in case you can't discover any, little commercially-made magnets may be used. 

  • Love oil (created below)
  • 1 small red bag (for the talisman)
  • 2 lodestones or small magnets

For the Adoring oil, a blend of vanilla, rose, ylang-ylang, cardamom and/or ginger oils will make a powerful love mixture.

  1. Drop 2 to 3 drops of Love oil onto your palms
  2. Rub the oil together along with the magnets until warm
  3. Focus on the love you seek throughout the duration of the spell
  4. Once warm, drop the magnets into the red pouch
  5. Now, rub the pouch with the remaining oil on your palms
  6. Place the charm bag on your bedside table, or hang from a bedpost to start attracting your next true love


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