New Moon Love Charm

Never think little of the control of the moon when it comes to any kind of magic, particularly healing spells. You'll only need 3 things for this one:

  • Sturdy small silver bowl
  • A fine piece of rose quartz
  • Modest bunch of pink or red rose petals

This spell is performed on the night of the new moon, meaning that there will be no light from the moon itself. 

  1. Grant the precious stone a kiss
  2. Set it within the silver bowl
  3. Drop the rose petals over it
  4. Set it in a window for a week
  5. After 7 days, take the precious stone and carry it with you to draw love into your life. Take off the bowl of petals within the window until the next unused moon.

Congrats, you had successfully created your own magic enchanted device. 


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