Healing Spells for the Body, Mind, Soul & Spirit

Here is a quick guide to Healing Spells, they can get alot more difficult too. These are some easy ones for everyone. 


Warm your bath with warm to hot water. The hot water releases the healing effects of the herbs. 

Witch hazel

  • Familiar title: Witch hazel

  • Medicine title: Hamamelis virginiana

  • Familiar uses: Bruises, wound cleansing, skin inflammation, hemorrhoids, varicose veins

  • Parts utilizedTakes off and bark

  • Preparations: Tincture, treatmentblendrefined witch hazel, decoction Considerations: Take internally under medical supervision

White willow 

  • Familiar title: White willow 

  • Medicine title: Salix alba 

  • Familiar uses: Joint pain and joint aggravation, back torment due to joint aggravation, hot flashes and night sweats

  • Parts utilized: Bark

  • Preparations: Tincture, decoction, tablets 

  • Considerations: Do not take if allergic


  • Familiar title: Valerian 

  • Medicine title: Valeriana officinalis 

  • Familiar usesPersistent uneasinesstall blood weight caused by push and uneasinessa sleeping disorderapprehensive fatigue, premenstrual pressurerestlessness due to tension 

  •  Parts utilized: Root and rhizome 

  •  Preparations: Decoction, tablets, tincture, powder 

  •  Considerations: May cause tiredness.

Tea Tree

  • Familiar title: Tea tree

  • Medicine title: Melaleuca alternifolia

  • Familiar usesSkin break out and bubbles, athlete's foot, dandruff, vaginal infections

  • Parts utilized: Leaves

  • Preparations: Cream, mixturebasic oil, suppositories

  • Considerations: Not for eating


  • Familiar title: Sage

  • Medicine title: Salvia Officinalis

  • Familiar uses: Nibbles and stings, cancer bruises, the runs, hot flashes and night sweats, sore throats

  • Parts utilized: Leaves

  • Preparations: Tincture, implantations, salves

  • Considerations: Don't take amid pregnancy or in case epileptic


  • Familiar title: Raspberry

  • Medicine title: Rubus idaeus

  • Familiar uses: Conjunctivitis, mouth-wash, ulcers, wound mending, treats intemperate vaginal release and loose bowelsUtilize of takes off energizes simple labor by fortifying the uterus

  • Parts utilizedTakes off, fruit

  • Preparations: Tincture, powder, infusion

  • Consideration: Don't take medicinally amid the early stages of pregnancy in the event that epileptic


  • Familiar title: Lavender

  • Medicine title: Lavandula officinalis

  • Familiar uses: Back torment, cites and sings, burns and sunburn, ear infectionmigraines and headachesleep deprivation, neuralgia, firm and throbbing joints

  • Parts utilized: Flowers

  • Preparations: Tincture, basic oil, mixturerub oil,

  • Considerations: Take internally under medical supervision


  • Familiar title: Grape

  • Medicine title: Vitis vinifera

  • Familiar uses: Takes off (particularly ruddy) are astringent and anti-inflammatory. Utilized to treat the runs, overwhelming menstrual dying, and uterine hemorrhage. Utilized as a wash for canker bruises and a douche for vaginal release. Ruddy clears out and grapes are valuable within the treatment or varicose veins, hemorrhoids and capillary delicacy. Sap from branches utilized as an eye wash . Grapes bolster the gastrointestinal tract and liver

  • Parts utilizedClears outnatural product, sap

  • Preparations: Decoction, implantation, tincture, wine, wine vinegar Considerations: Don't use arrangements including wine on the off chance that you have got liver infection


  • Familiar title: Garlic

  • Medicine title: Allium sativum

  • Familiar uses: Skin break out, athlete's foot, colds and flu, cold bruises, hacks and bronchitis, stomach related diseases, ear infection, contagious contaminations, tall blood weight, tonsillitis, urinary infections

  • Parts utilized: Cloves

  • Preparations: Chopped cloves, capsules, tablets

  • Considerations: Individuals with exceptionally low blood weight should use caution whereas taking garlic.


  • Familiar title: Cinnamon

  • Medicine title: Cinnamomum Verum

  • Familiar uses: Colds, frail absorptionempowering menstruation

  • Parts utilizedInternal bark

  • Preparations: Powder, tincture, fundamental oil, implantation, decoction

  • Considerations: Cinnamon can be poisonous on the off chance that taken in overabundance. Don't take this fundamental oil inside but under professional supervision. Don't take medicinally amid pregnancy


  • Familiar title: Cayenne or Chili

  • Medicine title: Capsicum frutescens

  • Familiar uses: Destitute circulation, gas, and colic, combating contamination, sore throat

  • Parts utilized: Fruit

  • Preparations: Powder, capsule, tablets, tincture, ointment

  • Considerations: Don't take restorative dosages whereas pregnant or breast nourishing


  • Familiar title: Artichoke

  • Medicine title: Cynara scolymus

  • Familiar uses: Secures liver against poisons and contamination, makes a difference gallbladder issues, queasiness, heartburn and stomach distension. Brings down blood cholesterol levels, brings down blood sugar

  • Parts utilized: Blossom heads takes off, root

  • Preparations: Decoction, tincture, juice, powder, infusion


Sometimes we have more harm to us than a bath can heal. Here is a more difficult healing spell:

All of the herbs here are not neededJust use what you have or refer to our Daily Witch article for what you dont know, we will need a candle for this spell, do you know which color to use? If not, you need you to see the Daily Witch article by clicking the link above. Gather the following items from your talisman bag or here in the store.

  • 1 candle
  • 1 cinnamon stick or 2 tablespoons
  • 1 rose petal
  • 1 incense stick
  • 5 pieces of natural amethyst crystal
  • 1 fireproof surface 
  • 1 sage leaf 
  • 1 bay leaf 
  • Any other healing herbs 
  • Mortar and Pestle, optional

Just make beyond any doubt the herbs you employ have recuperating properties.The adhere of incense ought to compare with the zodiac sun sign of the individual you need to heal.

  • Aquarius, January 20 - February 18 - Violet
  • Pisces, February 19 - March 20 - Amber
  • Aries, March 21 - April 19 - Musk
  • Taurus, April 20 - May 20 - Patchouli
  • Gemini, May 21 - June 20 - Vetiver
  • Cancer, June 21 - July 22 - Sandalwood
  • Leo, July 23 - August 22 - Rose
  • Virgo, August 23 - September 22 - Frankincense
  • Libra, September 23 - October 22 - Orange Blossom
  • Scorpio, October 23 - November 21 - Cinnamon
  • Sagittarius, November 22 - December 21 - Clove
  • Capricorn, December 22 - January 19 - Mirrh

Equally, blend your herbs.

Orchestrate 5 pieces of amethyst into a pentagram, one at each point.

Put a fireproof dish or surface within the center.

Light a candle and put it over the pentagram. In the event that you don't have a flame resistant dish, put the candle within the center.

Put the blend you made earlier into the flame resistant dish and light it. In the event that it basically smolders, usually fine.

You need it to smoke since the smoke is what carries your aim.

In case you need a flame-resistant dish, pour the blend onto the candle. Attempt not to quench the fire, you need the blend to burn.

If you haven't lit the incense, however, do so now.

As the smoke is rising, you need to secure the energy. You can try to visualize mending vitality in attending to the person to cure them or you can select to a chant or a rhyme custom-made to you.

Have you tried any of these before? Can you think of any spells to add? Did you like the information? Sign up for our newsletter. Share and comment below. 

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