The Drinking Ring Charm

One especially capable way to cast a love spell, is to favor a thing as a charm and wear it close you after the spell is cast. For this spell, you'll make a charm out of a ring, in spite of the fact that it'll take a month to complete. You'll require the taking after things for this spell:

  1. Light of the Full Moon
  2. White table cloth
  3. Cup of white wine
  4. Never worn before silver ring
  • Wrap the ring within the cloth, and bury it beneath ground.
  • Sit unobtrusively and observe the moon as you concentrate on the qualities you're looking for in a loving relationship.
  • Pour the wine over the spot where you burying the ring (feel free to save some of that wine for later), and present the spell:

"Divine Goddess of despair and truth
This silver gift I give unto you.
In offering, bless this ring and make it shine
so that I am not alone and this lover is mine"

  • Leave the ring for a month, and burrow it up on the next full moon. From that day on, wear it each day to pull in your genuine love to you.

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