The No Deseado (Advanced)

Everyone is perfect & no one is perfect as well. How can this be? Witches know that each item made by the all-knowing universe is sacred. This is why most Green Witches specialize in potions for other witches because they use 'perfect blends'; Green Witches study the aspect of all beings being perfect. Without this 'perfect' creation, we would not exist together today. 

Everyone is perfect because they are the perfect version of themselves. There will never ever be another you, and there will never be anyone that can be more you than you already are. The knowledge of this is powerful magic. With it, it can be used for evil, greed, some profit, division amongst people, poverty... you name it. 

No one is perfect is an expression uttered by humans to express the actions of the forms of life; such as mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes, everything makes mistakes, accidents, etc. But the correlation is that mistakes are a part of life and should be considered perfect because mistakes are natural. Mistakes should be celebrated instead of punished.

See how cultures around the world treat mistakes in this article here

In spite of 'perfectness', some of us have qualities that are not so accepted in modern times. Here is a spell to change any internal qualities that may need some magical adjustments. What you need:

  • Large Fresh Potato
  • Potato Carver 
  • Shovel
  1. Take the potato and carve the potato into an image that represents your personality's quality 
  2. Wait for midnight
  3. Take the carved potato into a field where you will most likely discover moderately undisturbed earth
  4. Bury it in the ground.
  5. Rehash the spell:
"Is tasveer ke saath,
main apane aap ko is maan ko apanee maan ko mittee mein bhejata hoon.
Choonki yah tasveer mrda par lautatee hai,
meree pahachaan ka yah drshtikon mere dimaag mein ghul jaata hai aur ise naee kshamataon mein badal diya jaata hai."
  • You're done. As the picture beneath the soil breaks down, so will the quality you need to be free of!

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