The Standing Dolle

Alright, a small senseless with the title of this Vudu spell but it's a spell to assist you in picking up a few mettle and certainties. Bring a few extra qualities into your life with many straightforward supplies:

  • 3 small wooden sticks or twigs
  • Dried chili peppers
  • Rough string or yarn
  • 1 tough nail
  1. Utilize the yarn to tie the sticks together in a harsh 'A' shape, with the cross-piece near to the best to make a shape that looks like an individual - (Should look like a human creature)
  2. Securely tie a chili pepper to one leg
  3. Tie the nail to the other leg
  4. Wrap all the appendages and the head of your doll in yarn many times.
  5. Stand the doll upright somewhere critical in your home where you may frequently see it.

Once you do, remind yourself to stand tall once you make your choices amid the day.

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