Vitality Health and Healing Spell

When you are having health issues, it is ok to call upon the universe to assist in healing. With physical issues, you may need more powerful physical magic. Here is a spell that will temporarily deal with internal health issues

Cut out a circle from a piece of paper

Write the words "Health" and "Vitality"

Include any particular health issues you would like to attack

Put a bay leaf, a little sum of cinnamon, and three grains of rice within the center of the paper

fold the paper into a bundle to hold the ingredients.

Take the packet in hand for a moment and concentrate on your healing intentions, sending that energy into the package.

Place the paper in a fireproof container and light it on fire.

As it burns, say; 
"Fuego sagrado, 
Te pido Libera todos los sufrimiento
Y establezca esto gratis 
Esa salud y vitalidad podría venir a mí."

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