Ancient Witchcraft: Secret Signs, Symbols & Omens

All through history, many distinctive symbols and omens have been used by witches, priest, societies, governments religions and so on. Most of their true meanings have been kept in secret for true scientist and replaced with negative connotations such as hatred, genocide, satanism. With so many omens and signs, we can only list a few. We will be adding the rest to our Morgana Le Fay series.

Here's a few Signs, Symbols & Omens from Ancient Witchcraft:

The Omen of the Bat

An omen of great fortune and happiness. It is said that an omen which contains five bats arranged in any design would represent these five types of happiness: love, love of ideas, wealth, long life, cheerful death, and peace. More often than not, Bats are considered mediums to the other realm; Underworld navigators. Use for direction through the darkness.

The media and Hollywood have painted an image for this creature to be demonic in nature, blood-sucking vampire, or a sign of a bad omen.


The Symbol of the Caduceus - also known as the 'Staff of Hermes'

An antiquated image dating back to the Greek God Hermes (sometimes referred to as Mercury). The two snakes are representations of the spinal tracts known as the Yin and the Yang. The Caduceus is intimately related with the framework of vitality centers called Chakras. Each time the two snakes cross each other, as they weave coiling up the body, represents the area of a "chakra". Chakras are the essential centers of electro attractive vitality within the body. The crossing of the serpents happens seven times hence the seven chakras.

You have seen this symbol many times if you live in any westernized country. This symbol is mostly found in the logo of medical facilities and transport machines. 


The Symbol of the Swastika

Ancient mysterious image found in Egypt, China, India and many other cultures. Chinese forms incorporate a right-handed (yang) and a left-handed (yin) form -- contrary energies that "harmonize." Contrary to modern beliefs, it has represented the sun, the four directions, development, and alter of the union of opposites.

You have seen this symbol diagonally placed into a white circle and placed onto a red flag to symbolize Neo-Nazism. 

The Omen of the Sticking Tongue

Connected to flame, fire, richness, sexual power and otherworldly control. In countries around the world, pictures of gods or veils with projecting tongues have shown active and possessing otherworldly strengths -- regularly a union of manly and ladylike spirits. Such pictures were crucial to pagan ceremonies when conjuring sexual evil spirits.

You may see kids and teens of all ages doing this gesture throughout the entire world. Celebrities that promote sex work in the youth and pop-culture will be seen doing this gesture in many places.


The Symbol of the Dragon

legendary beast made up of numerous creatures: serpent, reptilefowl, lion. Has control to assist with defense against very hostile spiritual beings. 

Usually, has many heads that breathe fire and cause destruction on innocent villagers. Is sited as unsafe, fiendish, devilish. In the Bible's Book of scriptures it speaks that the Dragon can represent Satan, the devil.


The Omen of the Inverted Cross

Initially represented the messenger Peter's humility in his suffering. He demanded that he be killed upside-down, since he felt that he was unworthy to pass on within the same position as Christ.

In our media, this is a sign of Satanism or 'joke of Christ'. 


The Omen of the Serpent or (Symbol of the Snake)

Most earth-centered or agnostic societies adored the serpent. It speaks to the resurrection (since of its molting), assurance against evil, either male or female sexuality, rain and richness, a go-between for the physical and spiritual worldIt too speaks to female vitality or lifeforce in goddess belief. The list of implications is un-ending.

The Bible says the serpent leads to sin, enticementannihilation, and Satan. The circular picture of the serpent gnawing its tail joins the legendary centrality of the serpent to that of the sacrosanct circle. Speaking of the sacrosanct circle...


The Symbol of the Uroborus (Ouroboros or Sacrosanct Circle)

The circular serpent eating at its own tail represents endlessness and the cycles or "circle of life." Medieval chemists connected it to the patterned forms in nature.  The ouroboros has a few implications joined in it. First is the imagery of the serpent gnawingeating up, or eating its possess tail. This symbolizes the cyclic Nature of the Universe: creation out of annihilation, Life out of Passing. The ouroboros eats its claim-tail to support its life, in an interminable cycle of recharging. It is in some cases portrayed in a lemniscate shape (the figure eight or the infinity sign) as well.


The Sign - Hand of Fatima or Hamsa

The "hand" of protection from "evil eye". Comes from the Israelites' oust in Babylonian.

Media has taught us that the sign of an eye is sought to be associated with the Illuminati, Egypt or evil societies, money. In truth, there are many forms of eyes in witchcraft...this is only one of them.


The Sacred Om Symbol

In language studies and linguistics, the sound "Om", pronounced like "ooooo-mmmmm" is said to be of sacred sounds. This is because the beginning of the sound and the end of the sound can be made in only 1 syllable. This is the only word since ancient times that allows this. Sanskrit letters or image for the "sacred" Hindu sound om (ohm or aum) called "the mother of all mantras. Clearly, the four parts symbolize four stages of awareness: Wakeful, resting, imagining, and a stupor or supernatural state.

This symbol can be altered into many different versions and can be found throughout the entire world in logos, sounds, symbols, governments and others.

The Symbol of the Phoenix

An all-inclusive symbol of the sun, resurrectionrestoration and immortality. This incredible ruddy "fire winged creature" was accepted to die in its self-made flares occasionally (each hundred years) and at that point, rise once more out of its own cinders. To chemists, it symbolized the devastation and creation of modern shapes of matter along the way to the extreme change: physical (turn lead into gold) and spiritual (eternality - a mysterious elective to the Christian salvation). The philosopher's stone was considered the key to this transformation.

We will talk more of the philosopher's stone in the eBook. 


The Sign of the Trinity

An early Christian image for the Trinity. It is related to the image of the fish (vesica piscisutilized by the early -- and regularly abused Christians -- to distinguish themselves as having a place to Jesus Christ. Clearly, Like numerous Christian images, the same shape has been utilized by different agnostic religions all through history.


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