Aromatherapy | Natural Oils for Healing and Good Health

Aromatherapy also alluded to as Essential Oil treatment, can be characterized as the craftsmanship and science of utilizing naturally extracted fragrant substances from plants to adjust, harmonize and advance the well-being of body, intellect, and soul.

Essential oils and other fragrant compounds for the reason of modifying one's intellect, disposition, wellbeing or cognitive work. A few essential oils, such as tea tree oil, have illustrated anti-microbial impacts.

Most witches of all realms practice in some sort of herb/plant therapy. Green Witches specialize in this magic.

We will be publishing more in our Morgana Le Fay Series. 

Here is a list of Herbs & Natural Plants for Healing and Good Health

Oils - both ingested and connected to the skin; possibly can adversely be associated with customary solutions. Since fundamental oils are exceedingly concentrated and can aggravate the skin when undiluted, a carrier oil ought to be utilized for topical application.

  • Fragrant Oils - such as rose outright, extricated basically from blossoms or fragile plant tissues through dissolvable or super-critical liquid extraction.
  • Carrier Oils - As a rule sleek plant-based triacylglycerides, such as sweet almond oil, that weaken basic oils for utilize on the skin.
  • Essential Oils - Fragrant oils extracted from plants primarily through steam distillation or expression.
  • Hydrosols or Homegrown Distillates - the watery by-products, such as rosewater, of the refining handle.
  • Mixtures - Watery extricates, such as implantation of chamomile, of different plant fabric

Con - As with any bio-active substance, essential oils may pose hazards for pregnant and lactating women.

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