Black Mirror Magic

This post is for additional doings for a magic mirror and continued from our previous post about the Witch's Mirror.

A liquid condenser is a mixture of herbs with tinctures, substances and gold included. It serves to hold the mirror’s magickal charge and pull in a basic drive. The condenser can be utilized not as it were on mirrors but moreover, on all other custom apparatuses, you need to charge for ceremonial utilize. The utilize of certain herbs, stones and metals in little amounts draw in the etheric vitality of a like kind. These liquids can be made independently to speak to each of the components or to improve a specific work. I suggest making an all-inclusive liquid condenser that will work for all purposes, having all components spoke to besides tincture of gold, speaking to sun based and God vitality, and quintessence of moonstone, speaking to lunar and Goddess vitality.

The liquid is connected to revive the reflect and to draw magickal images upon it for utilize in custom. When the reflection isn't in utilize, it is astute to bless its surface with the liquid sometime recently putting it absent. The liquid can be cleaned off with liquor or refined water later. To make the liquid, you must begin with gather the herbs you wish. They can be new or dried, but the more life drive they contain, the superior.

The list of herbs taking after incorporates a few proposals, but you would like not utilize all the herbs to create a great condenser. Utilize the ones you'll discover of great quality.

  • Once assembled, the herbs are put in a pot with refined water or water.
  • There ought to be approximately an ounce of each herb and sufficient water within the pot to cover the substance totally.
  • Bring this blend to a bubble, and at that point turn down the fire and let it stew for an hour with the pot lid on.
  • When usually done, let the blend cool and strain it through a muslin cloth.
  • Put the fluid back into the pot and stew without the top until only a quarter of the initial sum is cleared out.
  • When this is often cool, include the gold tincture, around 13 drops to each half quart of fluid.
  • At that point include the pith of moonstone. In the event that gold tincture and pith of moonstone are not accessible, gold chloride or gold salts can be utilized and entirety moonstones and gems included to the blend as a vibrational added substance.
  • A gold tincture can moreover be made at domestic with decently great comes about.

To form gold tincture, take an unadulterated piece of gold and holding it with a combine of pincers warm it over a fire until red hot. The red-hot gold is at that point dunked into a holder of around half a quart of refined water or water. The warm and quick cooling causes gold atoms to stay within the liquid. This preparation should be rehashed nine times within the same water. Take care of the rising steam, and attempt not to urge the hot forceps into the water!

When you've got combined all the liquid condenser fixings together in a sterilized glass container, at that point include a rise to the sum of wood or isopropyl liquor to act as an additive. Store the condenser in an air-tight glass holder in a dim put, and it'll final for a long time.

For a really powerful and personalized condenser, include a number of drops of your possess blood to the blend. Quartz gems can be cleared out within the liquid whereas it is put away to keep it clear.

Herbs for the liquid condenser

  • For the water component: senior blooms, water lily, orris root, white rose, willow, cucumber seeds, jasmine
  • For the fire component: ruddy poppy, cinnamon bark, cove takes off, orange peel, rosemary, marigold, galangal, damiana, tobacco, nutmeg
  • For the soil component: oak, ivy, cypress, mugwort, vervain, patchouli herb, wheat, primrose
  • For the discuss component: mistletoe, acacia, clover, pine, sage, lavender, verbena
  • For soul: gold, blood, crystal
  • For recuperating: juniper, thyme, Mandrake, tansy, senior, coriander, lavender, life-everlasting, sage, cypress
  • For widespread liquid condenser: chamomile, dittany of Crete, ivy, oak takes off, narrows takes off, almonds, cypress, clover, grape clears out, rose petals, mugwort, jasmine, vervain, mandrake root

Incense for psychic work

The best incense to utilize when working with the reflector any scrying gadget is lunar or psychic in nature, speaking to the circle of Yesod. These sorts of mixes may be obtained or made by yourself and must be burned on self-igniting charcoal disks. Here are a few great formulas for fine-quality magickal incense to be utilized for the customs of scrying.

Lunar mix incense:

  • A base of white sandalwood powder
  • Orris root and myrrh in break even with parts
  • Oil of jasmine and jasmine flowers
  • Oil of lotus and manufactured ambergris
  • A little squeeze of refined camphor
  • Poppy and cucumber seeds
  • Blend together sandalwood, myrrh, and orris root, and smash them together into a powder.
  • Genuine refined camphor is difficult to come by, but on the off chance that you ought to have a few accessible, include a squeeze to the powdered base.
  • Moreover, including at this time the poppy and/or dried cucumber seeds.
  • Put this blend aside in an air-tight jar.
  • Next, mix the jasmine, ambergris and lotus oils together in the rise to parts.
  • Coat the dried jasmine blossoms with the mixed oil and set them aside in an air-tight bump.
  • Let these sit until the next full moon.
  • On the evening of the full moon, blend together (in a silver or gem bowl in the event that conceivable) the oil-soaked flowers and the powder base along with your hands, contemplating as you blend on the magnificence and intelligence of Mother Moon.
  • Inquire her to favor this incense with Her magick.

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