What is the Difference between Black & White Magic in Witchcraft

Many mortals and new witches do not know the true meaning of magic. As the basics of magic are, four elements. Check our Witch Diaries blog section for more information on basic magic. With the four elements; Earth, Water, Wind and Fire, there is also the Body, Soul, Mind and Spirit. 
The differences between White Magic and Black Magic correlate with everything you already know. The Yin and Yang. The Sacred Circle.

Black Magic is used to effect the Soul and Spirit.

Most items used for this are, but only naming a few:

  • Candles - A candle can be charged with mysterious vitality by cleansing it and blessing it. However, you aren't going to cut the candle into pieces and feed them to your family, are you?

  • Crystals - Diverse precious stones are related to diverse components and are accepted to have diverse powers, enchanted properties, and traits. But more importantly, you are not consuming a crystal or taking a bath in it, or moisturizing your skin.

  • Divination Tools - Tools to assist with guidance from other realms, finding sicknesses or issue spots within the body. Notice how this is another form of magic that doesn't affect the body or mind.


White Magic is used to effect the Body and Mind.

Most items used for this are, but only naming a few:

  • Sage - Burning sage releases an aroma that effects your body and mind. It helps sore throats, night sweats, insect stings; hence the body.

  • Herbal Formulas - These are usually mixtures of herbs and flowers that provide benefits to the body. Baths with the Valerian help the body with apprehensive fatigue, premenstrual pressure and may cause tiredness.

  • Food - Yes, food is one of the most over though forms of white magic. 

Careful fellow witches, white magic can be used to harm and vice versa. Please do not believe the media definition of white and black magic. All magic is pure, natural. The castor and intentions of the witch or creature are where you should fear. Make sure you see our Witch Diary blogs about protecting yourself and family.

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