Seven Day Rulers | Magic in 7 Days

Planetary magick may be a complex framework which mixes soothsaying, old cosmology, and celestial bits of intelligence in an endeavor to bring the foremost successful comes about.
Planetary enchantment can appear awkward, particularly to Witches more acclimated to basic (Soil) enchantment.
Employing an exceptionally straightforward diagram of magickal timing, you'll make beyond any doubt your working is adjusted with the fitting planetary ruler. Here are the 7 Day Rulers:
  • Sunday - Sun - Great for doing Spells or Magickal workings for Delight, Recuperating, Trust, Truth, Positive Vitality, Commerce and Companions. It can be utilized to create Charms that will make a man powerful in all his works, Pleasant and heightening his Fortunes.
  • Monday - Moon - Great for doing Spells or Magickal workings for Security in Ventures, Clairvoyance, Instinct, Wellbeing of the body, getting freed of Foes and other Fiendish things or Creatures. Moreover for expelling Malevolence or Sick will and expanding ones Riches.
  • Tuesday - Defaces - Great for doing Spells or Magickal workings for making a man solid in War whether is be physical or Otherworldly. Moreover great for Energy, Certainty, and winning Judgment to ones favor. On the terrible side it can be utilized to cause Friction, Scorn, Chaos, and evacuating a man from Wealth, Respects and Respects, rendering Seekers and Warriors sad.
  • Wednesday - Mercury - Great for doing Spells or Magickal workings for Divination, Dreams, avoiding Destitution, and for accomplishing Information of thing of this World and the Spirits World.
  • Thursday - Jupiter - Great for doing Spells or Magickal workings for Cash, Wealth and favor, Peace, Cherish, Harmony, conciliating Foes and affirming Respects and Dignities.
  • Friday - Venus - Great for doing Spells or Magickal workings for Cherish, Energy, Sex, Conception, finishing Conflict, dissolving Charms and advancing Harmony.
  • Saturday - Saturn - Good for doing Spells or Magickal workings for Past Life Recall, Illness, Bindings, and Banishings or getting rid of Negative Energies or Bad Habits. Also for making a man Safe, Powerful and to cause the success of Petitions. On the bad side, it can be used to cast a man from Honors and Dignities or cause Chaos, Discord, and Arguing.

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