The Colors of Witchcraft & Magic

Every atom correlates with witchcraft. Using a broomstick for a healing or guidance ritual instead of using a fine Khaya wood staff; can dramatically affect the spell. 

It is the utmost importance to know your supplies and spells and effects. 

You can browse the Witch Diaries for detailed information on supplies, effects, types etc. 

Each color of the realm has its claim vibration, quality, and impact in regards to witchcraft and real magic. They are:

  • Dark Magic - The gathering of levels to the edge of the realm, sometimes through rituals, ceremonies, deities. Using of the elements; Moon phases, pieces of the realm
  • White Magic - Otherworldly truth and strength; peace, immaculateness and guiltlessness; breaking of hexes & curses; reflection; family purification; treatment of broken bones, soothing dental pain and expanding milk generation in nursing mothers.

  • Yellow Magic - Influenceimaginationcertainty and charm; help to memory and examiningrecuperating skin conditions, stomach complaints and menstrual issues; Virgo and Gemini.

  • Green Magic - Nature, richness, and restoration; mending; cash, thriving and great fortune; richness; enthusiastic soother and balancer; utilized to neutralize eagerness and envy; treating migraines, colds and anxiety; Sagittarius.

  • Pink Magic - Adore and companionship; otherworldly arousing; recuperating of the soul; womanliness; engaging; ethical quality; overcoming fiendish; treating uneasiness and misery and afflictions of the heart; Cancer.

  • Red Magic - Strength; sexuality, physical wellbeing and power; blood, birth and passing; enthusiasm and ripeness; security; mending neuralgia and depletion; utilized in protective magic and witchcraft; Scorpio & Ares.

  • Orange Magic - Mettle, quality and specialist; concentration and support; tackling lawful issues; recuperating hacks, colds, asthma, joint pain and depletion; Taurus.

  • Blue Magic - Psychic and otherworldly mindfulness; intelligence, concordance and peace; prophet dreams; assurance amid rest; advancing bliss, giggling and conviviality; treating a sleeping disorder, high blood pressure and small wounds; Aquarius; Virgo.

  • Purple Magic - Desire; otherworldliness, motivation, shrewdness and optimism; refinement; turning around a revile; help in reflection, affectability and higher psychic abilities; speeding recuperating amid ailment; treatment of sensitivities, rest disarranges and stress-related disarranges; Pisces; Libra.

  • Brown Magic - Ensuring pets and creature health and wellbeing; tackling family issues; drawing in cash, monetary victory and offer assistance in budgetary emergencies; dispensing with uncertainty and making strides powers of concentration; finding misplaced objects; Capricorn.

  • Gold Magic - Instinct; influence, charm and certainty; assurance; drawing in quick good fortune or budgetary benefits; utilized in customs regarding sun based gods; Leo.

  • Gray Magic - Nonpartisanship and cancellation; making a difference create psychic capacities; evacuating negative vitality, or affecting and empowering stability.

  • Black Magic - Opening up the more profound levels of the oblivious; retaining and crushing cynicism; securing against retribution.

  • Light Magic - Accessing the otherworldly powers of knowledge, chants, massive intelligence; Relaying on the elements of the realm, trust, devotion
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