Top 20 Signs of Evil Witchcraft on your Home or Relationship

"The hand of protection from evil eye." - Witch Diaries: Signs, Symbols & Omens

An individual who besets others by the evil eye is known as an “Al-A’in” in Islamic Culture. And an individual influenced by the evil eye is called “Al-Ma’yoon”. 

It is the bolt that's taken out from the soul of the evil person, the one who causes the suffering of the evil eye, and at that pointit is terminated upon the subject of the evil eye. 
This person can be influenced in some cases and manage to elude it at other times. 
In the event that one experiences this and is exposed to it then there will be no security from its impact, in any caseit then gets to be basic if one encounters this to require care and plan themselves with the finest resistance and not permit it to be embedded upon them.
Obviously, there are many ways that evil magic can be used; we will be publishing more in our Morgana Le Fay Series. 

Here are the Top 20 Signs of Evil Witchcraft towards your Home or Relationship:

  1. To see dead individuals while you rest, or reptiles or cats
  2. Seeing ants within the house 
  3. Children crying for no reason 
  4. Pins or needles jabbed into furniture or around the home 
  5. Seeing water sprinkled outside the home by the entryway or over the doorstep 
  6. Broken eggs on the doorstep 
  7. Someone always changing plans 
  8. Someone having anger for little things 
  9. Continuous bleeding for women 
  10. Someone  with constant headaches and feeling sick to the stomach 
  11. Someone may end up cold whereas the temperature remains consistent.
  12. Changes in sleep patterns. The individual may have serious nightmares or night terrors. 
  13. Excessive masturbation
  14. Animals may end up scared and remain absent from the area
  15. Animals may snarl at something they see but you do not see
  16. Doors and drawers may open or close by themselves
  17. There may be sightings of people or dull shadows that will or may not have formed
  18. The feeling of being watched or that you are not alone
  19. Someone regularly hearing their name called, only to discover that no one is around. Some of the time, some lovers will each think they their lover called out to them. They didn't.
  20. Objects may vanish to never be found again.
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