Top 22 Easy Evil Magic Protection Spells that Work for You & Your Home

Witchcraft is not only practiced by witches. Witchcraft is a man-made construct or ideology that generalizes natural sciences into a satanic or demonic (more man-made constructs) culture, that insinuates fear and hatred among the people of the realm. The same goes for most signs and symbols used in witchcraft, they are usually generalized into fear but still used by the elites; such as the omen of the snake or serpent

Witchcraft can be used by anyone, supernatural creature or natural being, because it is a natural science that restricts no one. Therefore, it can be used to harm an individual or cause pain, discomfort, jealousy, loss of loved ones and much more. There are many signs and omens that occur in nature they show you what magic may have been cast into your direction. 

When this happens, it's best to be a witch, because you will already be familiar with the magic and you would know what to do more easily. However, if you are not a witch or if you are a beginner to witchcraft...

Here are the top 22 Easy Evil Magic Protection Spells that Work for You & Your Home:

There is a vast arsenal of protection spell around the globe; we will be publishing more in our Morgana Le Fay Series. 


  • Eating Dates - Eat seven squeezed dates in the morning before eating any food. One of the great Prophets of Islam (peace be upon them) said, "Whoever eats seven pressed dates every morning before eating any food, will not be affected by poison or sihr!" (Al-Bukhari: 10/249, the Book of Medicine, Chapter: Treatment of sorcery with 'Ajwah.)

  • Wear of the All-Seeing Eye - One human eye surrounded by radiating beams of light. In today's media, the wearing of such a symbol represents secrets, Illuminati, New World Orders, world domination etc. The true meaning is hidden behind the fact that this symbol grants the wearer protection from the Evil Eye

  • Ancient Foot Magic Protection - An individual bowed on doing evil magic can effectively influence another by laying a trap that caused them to step upon or walk over something evil. Sometimes, the magic is done from the caster getting ahold of a person's socks, shoes, or foot-print soil and employments it in a ceremony. Salt is the common magical protectant around the realm for all witches. It is, for the most part, sprinkled on the ground.  Black pepper should be placed inside your shoes or socks... just a little.


  • Burning Sage - The use of sage is for healing. The smoke is used to bless, cleanse and mend the individual or object being smeared. Sage is utilized to 'wash off' the exterior world when one enters ceremony or other sacrosanct space. Simply burn these herbs to bless an area. 


Here are the quick magic tips

Keep out visitors bringing Negative Energy

  • Place a dime under the fireplace
  • Place a horseshoe above your door with the pointed downward
  • Continuously keep onions in the house
  • Keep Red Pepper in the house for good luck and Black Pepper to rid away evil


Defense against evil spells or curses

  • Periodically, sprinkle dark pepper and salt around your house, at that point clear it up and burn it Do not bury it. Do not dispose of it. Burn it
  • When sleeping, place a real silver coin under your head or pillow
  • Gather a small can, then pour a tablespoonful of vinegar and a tablespoonful of sulfur into the can. Store the can somewhere safe
  • Burn salt & sulfur to a complete, then blow it out of an open door


Protection from castors of evil magic

  • Place salt and pepper on the carpet, when they leave, sweep it out of the door they left out of
  • The moment the casters leaves your home, place salt and pepper around the chair and a little on the seat Be sure to properly burn once completed
  • Throw salt at the back of the caster
  • Take sulfur and salt, mix, throw at the caster's back
  • If the caster is otherworldly or from another realm Sometimes beings can take on human form place an old shoe at the entrance of your home, they will not be able to cross this point


Reflecting spells, curses and hexes

  • Boil a beef heart, while cooking, stick it with needles to reflect the spell back onto the caster

  • If you know who the caster is, place a 2 pronged fork Buried into a path they walk, ensure that they will walk over it
  • Draw a picture of the caster Doesn't have to perfect then take it into the most wooded area in the forest and nail the drawing to a tree
  • Recite the name of the caster while tossing salt over the right shoulder Careful, when tossed over the left shoulder you are helping the curse
  • Place red peppers and salt in each corner of the room


Have you encountered any of these spells? Can you think of any examples of witchcraft? How long have you been practicing witchcraft? Would you like to learn more about witchcraft? Sign up for our newsletter. Share and comment below.

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