Healing Crystal Balancing Chakra Kit
Healing Crystal Balancing Chakra Kit
Healing Crystal Balancing Chakra Kit
Healing Crystal Balancing Chakra Kit
Healing Crystal Balancing Chakra Kit
Healing Crystal Balancing Chakra Kit
Healing Crystal Balancing Chakra Kit

Healing Crystal Balancing Chakra Kit

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Brand: Hengshang

Color: White Pink Yellow Red Blue Purple Black

14 Piece:7 Chakra Palm Stones,Amethyst Cluster, 2 Crystal Points,Raw Pink Quartz,Reiki Pendulum,Chakra Bracelet,Pendant,Reference Guide,Use for Meditation


  • 1.Natural healing crystal chakra: basic healing crystal chakra kit is through the crystal healing power, changed your vibration, achieve balance, overcome the difficulties and challenges, take you into a magical journey.
  • 2.Beautiful gift: box size: 6.3''x4.4''x2''.This is the perfect gift for beginners, if you want to surprise and encourage for lover or friends,Perfect packaging, beautiful and fashionable, all healing crystals are placed in exquisite gift boxes.
  • 3.High quality products: each healing crystal is carefully selected and we strive for the perfect combination.Since each one of natural crystal is authentic and unique, their shape, size and color will vary, but in essence it is perfect, so you will receive similar crystal.
  • 4.Each one of healing crystal has been cleansed and can be used for energy work, spiritual practice, yoga, reiki healing, witchcraft rituals, home decor, meditation and relaxation.
  • 5.Perfect chakra combination: 7chakra polished palm stones,2 crystal points,amethyst cluster,raw pink quartz,obsidian reiki pendulum,chakra bracelet,white turquoise pendant,crystal size varies approximately from 1''-2.4''.

Publisher: Hengshang

Details: Product Introduction
1.Do you often feeling your mental state no well?Do you lack confidence?Chakra crystal set can help you to adjust and promote the balance of your chakras, and make its vibrant on mental and physical,
all of the crystals have vibration, through contact with a variety of crystal vibration to adjust your physical and mental balance.
2.14 pieces of basic chakra set is the perfect gift for yourself or lover or friends ,that can be used to improve the efficiency and attention, restore balance and harmony, health and happiness, create more joy and satisfaction.
It can also be used for massage, ritual, encouragement, reiki healing,celebration, yoga, home decor,meditation or relaxation.
Beautiful gift box 6.3''x4.4''x2''
Fanciful mini reference guide poster 3.5''x16''
Amazing Application Enchiridion 5.7"x19"
New red bag:4''x4.8''
Chakra materials :
Amethyst cluster
Clear crystal point
Green aventurine point
Raw chunk pink quartz
Obsidian reiki pendulum
7 kind chakra beads bracelet
White turquoise pendant
7 Chakra polished palm stones includes:
Red jasper(Root Chakra)
Rose quartz crystal(Sacral Chakra)
Tiger eye(Solar plexus Chakra)
Green aventurine(Heart Chakra)
Lapis lazuli(Throat Chakra)
Clear crystal(Third eye Chakra)
Amethyst(Crown Chakra)
3.Each of our carefully chosen crystals is carefully examined,recharged and cleansed, striving for the perfect combination and giving you a more wonderful experience.
The exquisite package, the beautiful gift box gives you or the lover or the friends unforgettable experience, the feeling healing crystal's charm.
4.The ancient chakra is the key that opens your energy.Expect you to explore the mysterious energy.and the healing crystal chakra kit is your best bet.

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