1/2Ib Rough Amethyst Zentron Crystals with Velvet Bag
1/2Ib Rough Amethyst Zentron Crystals with Velvet Bag

1/2Ib Rough Amethyst Zentron Crystals with Velvet Bag

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Brand: Zentron Crystal Collection

Large Raw Gemstones for Wire Wrapping, Polishing, Tumbling, Reiki and Wicca

Color: Purple


  • Approx. 1" in size
  • Contains 6-10 Specimens
  • Includes a carrying pouch that can hold several stones and an information sheet on your stones from Zentron Crystals
  • Individual stones within the Zentron Crystals package are unique and will all differ slightly
  • Stones are shown soaked in picture to show potential

Publisher: Zentron Crystal Collection

Details: Humans have been mystified by amethyst since its discovery in ancient times. The Egyptians used this stone in artwork, while the Greeks beleived that it protected against drunkenness. In fact, the word amethyst comes from the Greek amethustos, which translates as "not intoxicated". As late as the Middle-Ages, Europeans widely believed that this stone possessed mystical powers. Before the discovery of large deposits in Brazil, this stone was so prized that it was valued on par with diamonds, emeralds, rubies, and sapphires as one of the five cardinal gemstones. Today amethyst is prized mainly for its aesthetic properties, although it is still used by some practitioners of metaphysical rituals. Amethyst is a variety of quartz. Its purple color comes from trace materials in the stone. It is the birthstone of February and is associated with the (7th) crown chakra.

Each Zentron branded rough stone lot comes from all natural crystal and comes with a velvet carrying pouch and a Zentron rock information sheet. Each stone lot will have a slightly different appearance due to the uniqueness of the rock from which it is cut.

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