Wizardly Earrings

About a Witch's Fashion: For too long have we been told what Witches should wear and act like. Hollywood and media have portrayed us cloak wearing individuals with brooms.

Here at the magic supply store of witchcraft for Energy Healers Only, we know what a real Witch should look like, while also having some kind of magical enchantment effects. 

We like to partner with brands that have: 

  • Moonstone invigorates certainty and composure, upgrades all female perspectives of one's nature, brings calmness and mindfulness, actuates trances

  • Obsidian - Valuable in mending, gives clarity, amazing establishing and defensive stone, each sort of obsidian too has its claim particular qualities

  • Amethyst - Security, controls all sorts of destructive behavior, increments otherworldly mindfulness, calms and soothes

  • Bloodstone - Fortifies stream of vitality, mends blood circulation issues, advances mettle, recharging, upgrades inventiveness, energizes unselfishness and internal sharpness
  • Onyx - Capable of establishing stone, helps in concentration, assimilates cynicism, expels despondency, upgrades self-control, invigorates astute decision-making, empowers bliss and great fortune

  • Opal - Adjust, helps imagination and motivation, creative energy and magical qualities

  • Quartz, Clear - Utilized for rationale, for a clear intellect and as a scrying gem, can make changed states of awareness, opens capacities of the intellect, increases mending vitality, recuperates internal cynicism
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