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It is estimated that there are over 1 billion natural born witchcraft practitioners around the world today. This number used to be much smaller due to the dark history and harsh punishments, but interest in Magic, Witchcraft, and contemporary healing has increased exponentially over the past few decades.


People curious about these subjects often had little access to credible information, especially those without a good New Age or Occult bookstore nearby. But the appeal of Witchcraft is also growing in tandem with the increasing complexities of our modern, high-pressured mainstream society.

The world we live in today seems wholly distant from the one our ancestors lived in—a world where humans and Nature were at one, their existence intertwined in the natural cycles of life. Amid all of our gadgets and other man-made distractions, many people forget to take notice of the sheer beauty of the natural world that still surrounds us. Witchcraft teaches us to appreciate the Earth, celebrating the intricate changes in the seasons and everything they bring—from the bounties of the Summer harvest to the cold and darkness of the Winter months, when Mother Nature rests in preparation for the next explosive cycle of life that begins in Spring.

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In these texts, Le'Fay instructs his followers on how many witches and witchcraft practitioners lost their lives to common beliefs such as to summon and master spiritual powers, including how to obtain answers to problems from the spirit world.


Foundations of Witchcraft Belief and Practice

The Black Craft was created as an entry point for anyone seeking true information about the origin of religion. It is intended as a direct, in-depth introduction, covering the most basic questions that people curious about witchcraft tend to have to the most difficult questions that advanced witches create. Whether you're just looking to learn more about the beginning of black magic or you want to start practicing yourself, you will have a solid understanding of the essence of witchcraft after reading this book:

  1. The history of Witchcraft: Its modern foundations as well as its ancient inspirations 
  2. An introduction to the Gods, Goddesses, Lwa and their multiple aspects 
  3. Familiar witchcraft holidays of the Wheel of the Year: the Sabbats and the Esbats 
  4. Shared Core elements of witchcraft ritual, including an overview of ritual tools 
  5. Common Principles of magic—both ancient and modern 
  6. An overview of lost witches and their battles 

The Black Craft is a fascinating and wonderfully readable exploration of the practice, theory, and underlying rationale of magick and occultism in all its origins, including Voodoo, Shamanism, Animism, Islam, Hermeticism, Christianity, Wicca, Spiritualism, and Mysticism. 


As you’ll discover in this book, Witchcraft is the very earliest religions, practiced for millennia before the advent of Christianity.

The Black Craft Book Stand Alone

It is often referred to as “the Old Religion,” and many witches consider their practice to fit within a broader tradition of Witchcraft that has been passed down over the centuries. Witches celebrate and share many of the same beliefs our ancestors held, with practices that honor the old ways while being compatible with contemporary life. It is an empowering religion, rooted in ancient times and yet well-suited for the 21st century.

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About Morgana Le'Fay

Morgana Le'Fay

Morgana Le'Fay is the author of The Black Craft and the Natural Health Archives Series (Skin Health & Eczema, Hair Health & Nutrition and Mental Health & Stress [Coming Soon 2019]). 

His first book for new age & modern financial trade investors, The Bitcoin Reserve, was published in February 2018. His finance books, written under the pseudonym Bonnie C.P., were published in 2018 (The Bitcoin Reserve) and 2019 (The Bitcoin Review) and (The Bitcoin Reform). 

Also in 2018, Morgana Le'Fay made his novel-writing debut with the novel Witch Out (Coming Soon 2019). 

The book series Morgana Le'Fays Lost Manuscripts, The Bitcoin Constitution and Morgana Le'Fays Natural Health Archives were all published in 2018.

Bonnie C.P.'s The Bitcoin Constitution series is a modern financial masterpiece. Rich in detail, examples and real-life scenarios. Bonnie's debut into finance garnered acclaim amongst critics and finance fans alike. The first book, The Bitcoin Reserve (2018) is out now. The second in the series The Bitcoin Review (2019) is in editing, and The Bitcoin Reform is set for release in late 2019.

Bonnie C.P. is a pseudonym of Morgana Le'Fay, author of the Morgana Le'Fays Lost Manuscripts, Morgana Le'Fays Natural Health Archives and The Bitcoin Constitution, a series for stock traders and another financial specialist. After The Lost Manuscripts, Natural Health Archives and The Bitcoin Constitution the author chose fiction for their next few books, a genre he has always loved as a reader. He wanted to write a contemporary novel regarding witchcraft & voodoo with mystery, with a credible backstory. 

Morgana Le'Fay's original intention for writing as Bonnie C.P. was for the books to be judged on their own merit and to establish Bonnie C.P. as a well-regarded name in finances in its own right. Whereas, Morgana Le'Fay was created from King's Authors rival, Morgan Le Fay, the Evil Witch of the Kingdom.




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