Essential Oil Diffuser
Essential Oil Diffuser
Essential Oil Diffuser
Essential Oil Diffuser
Essential Oil Diffuser
Essential Oil Diffuser
Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential Oil Diffuser

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Brand: Avaspot

Color: 7 LED colors


  • 🎁【Common Operational Problem 】- 1.About Plug in Power: Please plug in the diffuser bottom interface first,this is very important. 2.About Mist : If it stopped mist after working for a while, please try to blow water vapor away from the nozzle. 3.About Water Splashing: please check if the anti-spray cover is at right position. 4.If it is hard to twist the diffuser top, pls try to pulled up the cover.
  • 🎁【High Cost Performance 】-- Buy 2 pack oil diffuser at this reasonable price , there is no better deal than this shopping . You can keep one for yourself , and send another one to your families or friend , so that you can enjoy the happy time together ; You also can keep one diffuser in your home , take another one to your office , then you will get a pleasant mood no matter in your leisure time or working hours.
  • 🎁【Safety Protection And Quiet Operation】 -- Our diffuser has the protection of Auto shut off when waterless , so , there's no worry about circuit safety issues even you are not home;And it adopted the ultrasonic technology, the mist comes out smoothly , don't worry that it will bother your working or sleeping.
  • 🎁【2 Mist Modes】-- Intermittent & Continuous Mist Mode: Press the MIST button once, Green lights, the mist works for about 30 seconds, then stop mist for about 30s; it is intermittently mist(working 6-8hrs) . Press MIST button twice, Red Lights, Mist work continuously(working 4-6hrs). Mist Off: Long press the MIST button.
  • 🎁【7 Color LED Lamp Changing】-- If you don't need scent diffusing , just use it as mood light or night light, you can adjust it by your favorite. Press the "LIGHT" button once, only one color will be displayed, press "LIGHT" button again, the color change to deeper , press "LIGHT" button for the third , the light color change to a different one.

Publisher: Avaspot

Details: 2 pack aroma essential oil diffuser 120ml is made of 100% BPA free material , which is helpful to enhance your mood , remove the bad odors , humidifing , strength your memory . Aromatherapy diffuser, humidifier and mood light in one


※ After long time use, stop it for 1 hour, to prevent the Ultrasonic plate of the aroma diffuser from damaging.

※ The aroma diffuser is only suitable for 100% pure natural essential oil. if there is chemical, spices or impurities, it might cause damage, reduce service life.


Material : Plastic(PP ).
Led Color: 7 LED colors   
Body Color: White            
Weight: 200 grams    
Size: Diameter 100 * height 140 MM
Ultrasonic frequency: 2.4MHZ           
Output: : DC24V 0.65A
Power: AC adapter AC100 ~ 240V        

Package Included:

2*  Aromatherapy Diffuser (Packed in one box)
2* DC wall charger
2* Water measuring Cup
1* Manual

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EAN: 0656699596166